During my rewarding tenure at Tesla, I found myself deeply involved in an exciting project - the production of a 2-minute short film. This film was designed to illuminate the quintessential Tesla customer experience and was envisioned as a fundamental onboarding tool for new team members.
As the project's Content Producer, I had the opportunity to oversee and contribute to every stage of the project's lifecycle. My role involved coordinating the project's timeline, supervising the production details, and managing the distribution of the final output, always with an eye toward upholding Tesla's high-quality standards.
This opportunity helped me further develop a range of skills. It demanded strategic thinking for planning and execution, a detail-oriented approach to guide production, and a keen understanding of Tesla's ethos to ensure the content accurately represented our brand. The outcome was a brief, yet impactful film that not only encapsulated the Tesla customer experience but also served as an insightful resource for our newly joined colleagues.

Character models fromĀ https://www.threedee.design/
Vehicle model from Tesla
Mixamo Animation

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