As part of my role at Vera Living, I was tasked with creating a 90-second explainer video for a new tool the company had developed. The tool was designed to help people assess their eligibility for Specialist Disability Accommodation online.
To begin the project, I first collaborated with the product team to understand the key features and benefits of the tool. From there, I developed a storyboard and script to effectively communicate the tool's functionality and benefits to the target audience.
Once the script was finalized, I worked on creating the visuals for the video. This involved designing custom illustrations and animations that would effectively communicate the tool's features and benefits.
After all of the elements were in place, I edited and produced the video, ensuring that it was polished and professional. The final video was a valuable resource for Vera Living's customers, helping them to better understand the tool and how it could benefit them.
Overall, this project allowed me to showcase my skills in scriptwriting, design, and video production, while also contributing to the success of Vera Living's product launch.

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