Recently, I had the honour of spearheading the creation of a music video for the renowned Sydney-based band, Organs. This project offered me the unique opportunity to channel my creative and organisational skills into multiple aspects of the production process.
As the lead creative, I penned the screenplay, drawing on my understanding of the band's style and the song's narrative to create a script that captured its spirit. The screenplay served as the foundation upon which I constructed detailed treatments and storyboards, guiding the visual storytelling throughout the video.
Beyond the narrative aspect, I was also in charge of the production logistics. I spearheaded the casting process, selecting talent that best embodied the characters in our story. I curated costumes that resonated with the aesthetic we aimed to project, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the video.
Scheduling shoot days and managing equipment and location logistics were other crucial components of my role. I ensured everything was aligned and executed smoothly, contributing to a well-orchestrated shoot.
In sum, this project allowed me to marry my creative vision with my project management skills, resulting in a music video that authentically represented the band Organs and their music.
The video will be released in August 2023

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